Cookies Policy

We use cookies for the following purposes:

1. Checking for errors:

We will use a cookie to store the error message and deliver it to the page where you submitted a form. The cookie is set to last 5 minutes, just in case it takes a while for the page to load, however, it is immediately removed once the error message has been displayed.

2. Enabling staff to sign in:

Tutors are able to sign in to this website, and cookies are used to remember that they've signed in. These cookies are destroyed on signing out, or after 5 hours, whichever comes first.

3. To process an order:

We use cookies to remember what courses/classes that you've ordered while you are making a payment. We do not use cookies to process any payment information. Payment information and transactions are handled entirely by Stripe. We are PCI DSS compliant.

4. To remember your cookie choice:

We use a cookie to remember that you've removed the cookie notice. This prevents the cookie notice from appearing every time that you visit the website. This cookie is destroyed every 90 days.

We will also use a cookie to remember if you have closed the marketing popup.

That's it! We don't use any cookies to do anything else. Other cookies may be stored by your browser, or by browser add-ons.